Three days ago, Migori based musician Steven Spencer Otieno dropped his much anticipated music video “Unatoka Wapi”.
The launch of the music video sent social media into a frenzy as fans and fellow musicians slapped Ghipuka OCPD with all manner of praises on his Facebook Fan page, Tripple S.

Making of the video "Unatoka Wapi"

Making of the video “Unatoka Wapi”

Directed by Telefinity Film Media, and produced by Samora GKV, the 3min and 35sec music video has over 300 videos on You Tube.

The video starts with scenes from a club where Ghipuka OCPD is enjoying his drinks surrounded by super fabulous ladies.

A scene from the music video "Unatoka Wapi"

A scene from the music video “Unatoka Wapi”

The next scene is where by the multi-talented lyrical assasssin is joined by a group of his ‘boys’ who help him sing along the “Unatoka Wapi, Mi Natoka Migori” lines perfectly.

Blended with magnificent beats, this is one song that will really hit the airwaves for many years to come.

Also read about GHIPUKA OCPD musical journey here

Some of the lines from the track are below:
“Mi napenda ile kitu huwezi-mention/Bedroom Bully nimekamia Lesson/Come Beib come pliz ondoa Tension/Mi ni Gentleman nalipa Attention….”
“G.H.I.P.U.K.A./Style ya Kenya si ya U.S.A./Mi na roll na high phone lakini si TECNO/nikishanoki dem jibu si TAKE NO….”
“Ghipuka MIGORI uliza baba Kenianna(kenrazy)/Siwezikuwa mean kama Miguna Miguna/Ku-copy paste jina moja na wengine Nameless/G.K.V. Chuo Rex hatuko hopeless…..”
“Super Hero Rapper just make your wish/Am from MIGORI nimekam ku-unleash/Napenda zile deal zinazalisha-cash/Ngoma zangu ever fresh haziwezi-perish….”
“Serious jeolous kama Rehema Batul/Manzi nampenda nampa Jethro Tool/Ku-invest pesa na-buy Chicago Bull/Naskia washa-tense nimekamku-rule….”

Following this major announcement, the video was finally released on Friday last week.

Following this major announcement, the video was finally released on Friday last week.

Check out how Unatoka Wapi hit trended on Facebook in the wake of its launch

Tripple S Kenya
August 22
#UNATOKA_WAPI VIDEO,mi natoka migori….
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Reenie Becky eeh manze iyo ngma inavuma kwama neiba unatka wapi migori ambly fire nao vumvumvumvum
23 hours ago • Like • 1

Tripple S Kenya @Becky,Thnks Alot Msupa…!!!
23 hours ago • Like

Joyner Mamake Natoka migori nice clipSee Translation
19 hours ago • Like • 1

Tripple S Kenya @Joyner,Thnks Alot KSM Rap Queen,I Realy Appriciate
8 hours ago • Like

Stephen Faith Ndolwa
unatoka migori/so cool haina ngori/juu umeamua kunirock nakujibu natoka Narok/na juu travel ni hobbi/nko nairobi kwa kina Robi, — watching with Tripple S Kenya.
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Faizah Stephaniposted to‎Tripple S Kenya
Tripple big up dat vida unatoka wapi? iko juu 2 sana nimeiwatch 2 saizi 4 real iko lembe.
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Tripple S Kenya Thnks For Watching Msupa,One Love..!!!
Yesterday at 12:41pm • Like • 1

Flaviourh Flancie kwisha!!!
Yesterday at 12:47pm • Like • 1

Faizah Stephani welcome always
Yesterday at 12:48pm • Like

You can also wath the “Unatoka Wapi” video right here:


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