MUSIC IS HER HAPPINESS: One on One with Respected Drummist, Kasiva Mutua.

You are currently one of the artists signed to perform at Safaricom Live concerts. How does that make you feel?
It makes me feel excited. It is a good platform where I can share my talent with the rest of the country. I look forward to deliver.
How did you find out that you were in the Safaricom Live line up? Which has been your most fun show and town to perform at? How different are the fans in different parts of the country?


And this is what Kasiva Mutua lives for.
I have worked with Kidum for quite a long time. Of course he is one of the artistes who perform at the Safaricom Live events. He requested me to come put some percussion in his music and that’s how I started performing in this shows.
Tell us more about Found Sound Nation (FSN) and how you came to know about it?
One Beat is under FSN. It is a musical exchange programme where artists from different countries come together and share ideas. This year, I was lucky to be selected whereby we visited USA and recorded a song alongside other 24 artists from different nations in the world and later performed the song in the South Coast.


Kasiva Mutua performing at a recent event.
How many countries have you toured so far and how has the reception been like in regard to the Found Sound Nation (FSN)?
Ok, I have visited USA, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.
Tell me about yourself, age, marital status?
I am 25 years of age, single and for me music is not what I do but it is who I am.
How did you get started?
I was inspired by my Kamba grandma, who used to tell us different stories every evening around the fireplace and also sing lovely songs to us. I also loved listening to sounds of animals and insects then later stroke beats out of that. It is in high school and campus where I grew my talent.


Music is her happiness. So she enjoys beating drums.
Looking back at how you have grown, what is the one thing that stands out that shows your growth?
For a woman in our culture to play drums like I do are a taboo in our community is a taboo but I have since overcome such obstacles. My family, friends and band support me so much.
What keeps you going in this entertainment industry?
Love keeps me going. When you receive love you are able to overcome all the obstacles in life.
How can you define your music? Who does it target?
My music is all about happiness. I love it whenever I perform and leave a smile on people’s faces. It makes me feel proud of myself. I target everyone.


On the drums, rocking the beats.
Do you write your music in regard to what you experience in life?
I do my music in line with whatever I experience on a daily basis in my life. My experience in life inspires everyone through my music.
What is your ideal day like?
I wake up early in the morning. Pray, take a cup of coffee then leave for rehearsals and practice. I do all these on a daily basis.
Are you involved in any charity work?
Being part of the Safaricom Live music crew, it comes with a package. So I involve myself with many charity works. Also together with Sauti Academy’s Natali Lukamia we visit different children homes and prisons in the country to inspire people out there.
Do you have any music video that is out and how much did you spent on it?
I have no music video out yet. Am currently backing up artistes as I also record my music. Am taking time in all this.
Five years from now, will we still be hearing from you or you plan to shift gears?
Of course yes I will still be around. Am not planning to hang my gloves any time soon.


Her fans catch get to watch her perform at Safaricom Live concerts
What is your view on the Kenyan entertainment scene and particularly music?
The Kenyan music scene has really grown. It is not like 10 years ago. Today, many local artists pay their bills through music. Piracy remains the bone of contention in all these. Hope the government does something urgently.
What do you think will take us conquer the international airwaves?
Kenyan artists should stick to their culture and traditions and stop aping the Western culture. We need to have our own musical identity like Benga to scale the international stage.
Is there anything that stakeholders in the music industry can do to open doors to aspiring youths out there?
Many young artists out there are broke. The government should set aside funds that can boost them. Other established artists should nurture them by doing collabos with them because it is really encouraging.


Rehearsing for an event. She rocks in African regalia
How often do you practice your instruments?
I practice on a daily basis. These instruments need a lot of practicing.
Do you watch movies, which is your favorite?
I enjoy watching movies with a lot of drama as well as animations.
Any entertainer that inspires you and you wish to collabo with?
Dobet Gnahore from Cote Ivorian. She is really amazing and I have always looking forward to working with her in my projects.


On set doing what she enjoys best.
How good a dancer are you?
Am not so good when it comes to dancing.
Where can your fans get your music and where can they watch you perform?
My fans can catch me perform at all Safaricom Live concerts across the country. Go Downs Arts Centre, Goethe Institute, Alliance Françoise as well as my Facebook fan page Kasiva Mutua.
What is that incident that has ever happened to you while you are performing on stage and it still rings in your mind to date?
I was once performing in Nakuru with Kidum. A man came to me crying. After the show ended, he came to me and told me he had never come across a lady playing drums. He told me he used to play the drums too. I felt touched by that and also broke down into tears.


She also enjoys interacting with kids.
I have also curtain raised for reggae maestros, Antony B and Burning Spear.
Famous last words?
Life is like a cup of tea. It is just the way you make it.

Photos courtesy of Kasiva Mutua






  1. Jeniffere Namazzi

    Go gal….there nothing more fulfilling other than following your passion…Very proud of you and May God take you to higher heights

  2. Joseph Muyela

    There is much I may share with you but having given you my email. I expect to get yours and we share more. My no is 0724331742. Keep up with what you know better; music

  3. mokoi

    i am well talented in drumming,,and I realised this as my talent during my primary level.I did it in secondary but after that I haven’t found someone to help me nurture the talent and proceed.Please if you can help i request.

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