Telling Stories Using the Lens: Read about DonPaul Photography

Photographer’s fascination with the lens grows into a lucrative venture

Don Paul exploits his love for photography to set up a photo studio to make ends meet.
Don Paul has always been fascinated by art, since he was a child. Don Paul who pursued photography in college says he fell in love with photography because he wanted to capture the best moments of his life.

However, his fascination with the lens would later open up doors for him to serve many people who approach him daily for his services. He says he hatched the capital to start the photo business from his savings.
“I started DP (Donpaul photography) in 2011 around May from my savings. And I have been running it since then. Well, as for capital. I first started with an entry level camera and used all my savings plus some of the money from some other jobs I had been doing. A few months later, I got more cash from it as well as receiving a financial boost from my family. I acquired a professional camera, lenses, bought lights among many more equipment that will make my venture a success.” Says Paul.

He admits that, profits didn’t start streaming in immediately; he had to be patient and ensure he had everything in place that could steer the enterprise adding on that most of his customers have always made him smile.
“I can’t put a finger on the date, when I started making profits but in like 6 months after putting everything in place I started enjoying the fruits of my labor and I will be honest, I love my clients and God has blessed me with wonderful clients. And when they are happy, I am happy too especially family portraits and wedding photos. Those seem to express their satisfaction more.”

At the moment his customers range from individuals to companies and organizations that want to feel a click of his lens and says he derived the name “Donpaul Photography” from his real name.
“My photography is my way of telling stories, my style, my growth and evolution as a photographer, Donpaul photography name Don Paul Photography that’s it. I work according to my client’s demand which makes my business a success.” He says.
Getting his name out there in the market and mostly improving on the quality of his work has been his biggest challenge but says he has learnt to take the bull by its horns because even competition exists in all businesses.
“Just as any other businesses there are many challenges ranging from competition to lack of market. But I guess my main one is trying to convince clients especially in my choice of field, commercial and advertising photography, that is dominated by mostly famous photographers, many not being Kenyan, that a young Kenyan can offer the same and possibly better service than what they are used to.” He adds.
Photography in Kenya
Paul says, Photography in Kenya is growing and growing very fast. And many photographers are now spending sleepless nights trying to improve their work quality to international standards. Adding on that his unique selling point is felt by those who have worked with him. It is serious business but in a wonderful happy environment
“ My photography stands for; Quality and for those who want to venture in this business but are uncertain his advice to them is, “If you are uncertain then most definitely you are not ready because it is not as easy as most people might think but if you have the passion, it is the best thing in the world.”

Even though Passion and love for photography motivates him, even his clients’ happiness keeps him going on and on.
“From the first day when I started testing the market, the response has been positive. Passion and my love for photography have led me to who I am today. I have no regrets whatsoever in venturing in this enterprise. I always to work harder and ensure my clients are happy at the end of the day.” He says.
He admits that, Researching on oncoming projects or working on photos that he has already captured in his line of duty gives him sleepless nights
To Paul, Creativity is versatile. And in the art world that is what differentiates one artist from another. And he believes creativity can be improved. If one wishes to do so.
“Creativity is a key necessity in all fields and photography is not an exemption. Creativity should come in a unique way always for one to succeed because; competition in the industry has always been felt it is up to you to differentiate yourself with a unique product.”
Don Paul has also starred in various TV productions and the recent one being K24 TV new drama show, Mabeste says acting has been part of him since time immemorial.
“The role I play in Mabeste is a role I will be playing so you will be seeing more of me. Actually acting was my first love. I started acting before you can even imagine I would even venture into photography. I was born an artist, singing, dancing acting choreographing drawing and now photography. I just took a small break after I started photography but I am back in acting.” Adds on Paul.
Don 5
A bright future
And in a bid to cultivate confidence in his clientele, he has gone a notch higher to set up a Facebook page, Donpaul Photography to tap the social media fraternity and has also employed several people to help him whenever the workload is more and deadlines have to be met. Paul sees a bright future ahead since he claims to have mastered the industry.
“What I like about what I do is that it is my first love and am able to transverse a moment with a single click of the lens.” He concludes.



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  2. saleh

    very forecast and encouraging story kip it up bro. A man eateth where he worket. Do not be discouraged under any circumstances

  3. Kobia

    From a journalistical point both u Dennis,and Paul are artistically skilled..put some more little labour to your works and you will have the world on your palm.

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