S.Sudan student residing in Kenya speaks about his life and experience in Kenya


-Who is Deng’ Anei Deng’?

A.Deng Anei is a south Sudanese citizen living in Kenya, 23yrs old.

-How did you find yourself in Kenya?

A .I ended up in Kenya as a refugee some years back not tell when exactly because i was young and it was as as a result of the then civil war between Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA)/ and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

-How did you come to Kenya?

A.I came to Kenya with my mother and my siblings

-Have you ever gone back to S.Sudan since birth and if when and why?

A. Yes , I went back in 2009 for a short visit after a very long time. Most of my family members live there so it was worth taking.

-How has your experience here in Kenya been?

A.Kenya is my second home as far as growing up and it challenges is so. My experience in Kenya has been good overall.

-Have you ever been harassed or mistreated by any Kenyan authorities?

A.  Yes on many occasions, immigration officials, Kenyan police harassing me about my documents and even after I give them the documents, they will still be like support your documents or else we take u to jail.

-And what has been ever your worst experience in Kenya that you can’t forget?

A. My worst experience in Kenya was when my nephew was kidnapped, killed and his body badly mutilated by unknown people . That is something I will never wish anyone to undergo through. It was really bad and up to that moment, I cursed the day we set our foot in Kenya.

-Where did you school?

A. I went to Charity Academy in Komarocks for my primary school, then to NPC Academy for my secondary school in Buruburu Nairobi. I am currently pursuing a course in Law at the Mount Kenya University.

-Why is it that there have been numerous cases of Kenyans being killed or mistreated
in S.Sudan in the recent past?

A. The issue of Kenyans being mistreated or killed to me is an isolated case which could happen to anyone and should not be taken as  Kenyans  being targeted.

Kenya is basically  our big brother and it has effortlessly helped the delivery of peace in South Sudan and as in our custom as  an African community, its logic to pay back such friend with same way he treated you.

Yes , there are some rouge security officers, soldiers  tarnishing the country’s image. However, we must accept the fact that in a new country such as the Republic of South Sudan, it needs time for it to get her institutions and capacity building up running. But again, am glad that our government is taking some drastic measures to ensure that RSS is safe for anyone who comes in.

-Do the Kenyans and other foreigners living and working in S.Sudan
enjoy equal rights and justice like the rest of the citizen?

Our relation with foreigners in our country is guided by international law governing immigration activities and treatment of foreigners.

-What are the challenges facing S.Sudan students and other Sudan
citizens living and working in Kenya?

A. The challenges facing students in Kenya  ranges from lack of school fees among some students and harassment from both wananchi themselves in some instances, a South Sudanese cannot raise his dismay without being reminded that “hapa ni Kenya” this is Kenya, if u need a comfortable life go back to your country. This are some of the challenges we deal with on every day.

-Has the war back in S.Sudan affected you in any way whatsoever?

A. Yes, the war in South Sudan has affected almost every citizen either directly or in directly. I grew up in a foreign country of which was it not for war; it wouldn’t have been this way just but to mention a few.

-Is the S.Sudan government offering any help to its citizens and
students living in Kenya?

A. South Sudanese government is an infant institution facing enormous challenges of meeting people aspiration. And for it to support people overseas is not in their interest right now. However, there are some students on government sponsored list though not many.

-How is the situation back home since free education program was
scrapped a  few months ago? 

A. There is  free education for all in South Sudan except for a tertiary learning which to me is a normal thing. However with the poverty level skyrocketing, it definitely a daunting task for many to raise the needed school fees.

-What would you want improved or changed in S.Sudan education system?

A. The education system is not that good but its upon government to develop a system which meet the needs of all citizens. The needs of learners in Sudan is not the same as the one Kenyan had . So its upon them to sit down and develop people friendly system.

-Do you have confidence in your government back home?.

A. Yes I have 100% confidence in the government led by President Salva Kirr, he will deliver to the people. President Salva having been part of the secession movement since day one, he is the right person who knows the real challenges the people are going through.

-Are you ready to relocate back to S.Sudan like your fellow citizens
who moved from the North?

A. I am here in Kenya just to complete my education. I will be going back home and help my people in whatever capacity I have gain knowledge in.

-What are some of the mechanisms that the Southern government has put
in place to resolve the Abyei conflict?

A. On the issue of Abyie, am not well aware of any because this is a matter that is being handled by those involved in the negotiations.

-What measures has the South Sudan government put in place to curb corruption?

A. There are laws in place and some more laws are still being enacted by the national assembly as to that effect. However corruption is never zero rated in any country and the only thing being done is to minimize it and to this, am glad that the government of south sudan is not as corrupt as it used to some years back during its inception.

-Is there any possibility that those implicated in graft charges have
been brought to book and if, how many are they?

A. Am not aware of any. But we cannot rule out any but any will be prosecuted in the near future.

-What is the current relationship between the two nations that is the
South and the North?

A. The relationship between the two Sudans is at its lowest moment right now but am glad the parties have realized that, it affecting their very own existence and the only way out is to work together for the well being of both countries. This new spirit led to the recent signing of oil deal.

-Why is S.Sudan doing Kenyan national exams and enacting Kenyan
education system?

A. Going back to the days of war, south Sudanese school at the border with Kenya, adapted Kenyan education system due to their proximity with Kenya. As for the adoption of Kenyan system, its not the case. What happened is that, they are making their own system basing it on kenyan’s.

-What does the independence of S.Sudan mean to the citizens of S.Sudan?

A. Independence of South Sudan means a lot to every citizen of the new African state. Having lived as second class citizen in our very own country, our resources have been exploited for the benefit of northern part of the country, having been sidelined in the administration of the country, we believed that independence of RSS will correct all these injustices.

-What is your take on a section of leaders led by Sudaline Christian
Democratic Party (SCDP) leader Manyang Parek Von Chief Parek calling
change of the country’s  name to give the citizens a new identity?
They want the country be renamed Republic of Sudaline and its citizens
referred to as Sudaleans.

A. the issue of changing the country’s name has been in the public domain for quite sometime now and it seems the country leadership has decided on that too and that’s why the applied recently to the UN for it to change the name. The name to be used is not yet out.Image

-What should the world expect from S.Sudan in terms of political and
socioeconomic developments in the next 2 years?

A. South Sudanese are hard working people, South Sudanese are risk taking people,south Sudanese are the type of people who can take on any situation for the sake of their dignity and this was witness when our country shut down oil the only source of revenue with all this, world should expect a vibrant nation ready to place an active role in international arena.

A country who will be feeding the world instead of the country been fed as it has been widely perceived.



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