Post election chaos are likely to occur again in case the government
fails to intervene and promote integrity and co-existence across the
nation during this election period.

This is reflected in new statistics released by a survey agency that
stipulates that many Kenyans are full of hope that post poll chaos are
in the offing.

The number of Kenyans who believe that the next General elections said
to be the biggest and most expensive in the history of Kenya and which
are slated for 4th March 2012, will be free and fair is going down
each and every time the survey is conducted.

For instance, when the survey was done in February this year by the
Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation group (KNDR), it was noted
that 69 per cent of those who were interviewed registered optism that
there will be no violence in the polls, but when a fresh report was
released last week by the same survey body, the percentage had
dwindled to 56 per cent.

Many analysts believe that, the fear among Kenyans is rife as it has
been instigated by politicians who have retreated back to their ethnic
cocoons on their quest to drum up massive support ahead of the polls
despite the decline to untamed hate speech which has stirred
apprehension among Kenyans in the recent days.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), chaired by
Dr.Mzalendo Kibunjia and which was established after the signing of
the National Accord which gave birth to the Grand Coalition government
to facilitate and promote a Kenyan society whose values are supposed
to be harmonious and non discriminatory, should take stiff action
against against hate speech crusaders and any form of mobilization
that likely embrace incitement.

The Commission which unveiled its Cohesion and Integration Goodwill
ambassadors about a month ago, has in the recent past come under
fierce scrutiny following its failure to preach peace and harmony
across the country.

The KNDR report states also that, hate speech and tension in the
electoral process will affect the economy and further constrain
healing efforts.
“There is need therefore for relevant institutions to be pro-active in
enforcing the necessary laws so that the country can have a credible
and democratic elections as well as a peaceful transition,” read a
statement in the report.

NCIC should enact measures on how it will reach and preach the peace
process to the grassroots population in quest to spread reconciliation
and tolerance.

The prosecution of some 2007/08 post poll suspects and the four Kenyan
cases lying at the ICC in connection to the same chaos is also likely
to ignite hatred and spike fresh violence among some communities who
long for justice.

The report comes at a time that, the tourism sector is facing a major
blow after Kenyan embassies and some agencies hinted that, foreign
tourists are afraid of visiting the country as a result of political
polarization and the eminent terror attacks by the Somali militant
group Al-Shabaab.This is likely to dent the political, socio-economic
developments in the country.

As the clock ticks towards the polls, the report has come as an
eyeopener to the Government and other institutions to work
effortlessly and ensure that the situation is curbed before things
fall out of hand.

Kenyans don’t want to see the shading of blood, loss of lives among
other ill vices that are likely to tore the country apart after the
polls like those witnessed after the 2007 elections.


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