Government sets up inquiry team to investigate plane crash

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Government Appoints Team to Investigate Copter Crash

Posted by | Posted on 13 June 2012


The scene at the wreckage site on Sunday

The Government has set up a public inquest to probe into the Sunday’s Ngong Hills police helicopter crash that killed Internal Security Minister Prof.George Saitoti, his Assistant Joshua Orwe Ojode, two pilots and two bodyguards.

The inquiry team will be chaired by Justice Kalpana Rawal and comprises of Major General Harold Tangai and George McOwenga.Assssors, Charles Mutinda and Faith Ireri.

Currently, the bodies of the deceased are lying at the Lee Funeral Home undergoing DNA tests since they were burnt beyond recognition.

The two pilots flying the ill-fated chopper who perished in the early Sunday morning crash are, Nancy Gituanja and Luke Oyugi. They were in the company of the two ministers and their two bodyguards Thomas Murimi and Joshua Tonkei.

Friends and relatives are still sending their messages of condolences to the bereaved families as investigations get underway to determine the cause of the accident.

Preliminary investigations into the matter have so far ruled out any possible terror attack on the plane and Kenyans have been urged to desist from any form of speculation.

President Mwai Kibaki has assured the nation that the government will work hard in an effort to get full details of what led to the crash.

However, the government team led by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has set tentative burial dates for the late Prof. George Saitoti on Saturday 16th and Orwa Ojode on Sunday 17th June.

Burial dates for the other four officers are yet to be announced by the time we went to the press.


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