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NMG,s ‘policy’ on pollsters
Leaked letter from nation editorial director to NMG journalists on opinion polls
“It is a policy of the Nation Media Group to treat with skepticism opinion polls trumpeting the rising or falling fortunes of Kenyan political leaders.

We take the view that,not knowing the sponsors of the polls and how the polling was conducted,we risk our reputation if we play up the “findings” of these pollsters.
Ordinarily these polling firms will change us a bomb if we commissioned such polls but,strangely,when it comes to the popularity of presidential candidates,they conduct them free of charge and scatter the results all around.

They may have their own reasons for doing  so,but for now stories derived from these polls will continue to be played down in NMG outlets_not on the front pages nor as leads in the inside pages.
   This is not a commentary on their integrity.

We work with them on other matters,and indeed we’ll play up poll results on social and other issues unrelated to the standing of individual. politicians.Saturday Nation last weekend goofed and left out the opinion poll story altogether.the policy is to publish only  for the record.”
JO (read JOSEPH Odindo)

Media owners elect new officials as Kittony bags Chairmanship
 Waiyaki Way based-media ogre Radio Africa Group Chairman Kiprono Kittony has been elected the Media Owners Association chairman.Mr Kittony was picked to serve for one year at the organization’s annual general meeting in Nairobi.KASS Media Group chairman Joshua Chepkwony will be the vice chairman ,while Mr Hannington Gaya of Media 7 Group will serve as secretary.NMG’s Tom Mshindi was elected organizing secretary.

Africa’s Broadcast,Film and Music comes to Nairobi,Kenya
The 2012 Broadcast,Film and Music Africa (BFMA) conference,hosted by AITEC Africa,is set to take place from July 10-11,2012 at the Oshwal Centre in Westlands,Nairobi.

The conference is aimed at evaluating opportunities for growth in the industry.
Known by broadcasters,filmmakers and advertising agencies simply as BFMA,the conference is styled as a thought leaders’  conventio0n to assess trends in film,broadcast and music business in Europe,the US,Asia and Africa-and will be characterized by experience sharing and presentations by experts from around the globe.

According to event director,Ryan Moroney,this year,s conference has been redesigned to maximize networking and interaction opportunities between researchers,filmmakers and music producers,with advertising agencies and broadcasters all grouped in a way to encourage synergy building.

“At BFMA, collaboration between different players is identified as crucial to unleashing full potential of the market and we are engaging the programme board here in East Africa and Europe to evaluate how best we can increase information sharing and networking between the professionals with their5 specific interests.”Said Mioroney.

Royal Media now rules the airwaves
SK Macharia’s media giant Royal Media Services enjoys a bulk of the audiences in the local media scene,according to a survey by research group Ipsos Synovate.

The survey,targeting listeners aged above 15 years illuminates that in the first quarter of 2012 Citizen TV commanded a viewership of 52.1 per cent among those surveyed, up from 51.6 in the previous quarter.The station was followed by KTN with a paltry 13.6 per cent viewers followed closely by NTV, only managing 12.3 per cent audience.The other station recorded;KBC (10.7%),KISS TV (2.7%) and K24 (2.0%).

Citizen had the high viewership in the rural areas at 49.2 per cent and in towns bagging 51.2 of the audience.KTN followed with 15.3% and 13.4% respectively.

Even in the radio category,Radio Citizen was ahead of the pack with 49.7 per cent overall,trailed at a distance by KBC Radio Taifa (25%), Milele FM (24.8%), QFM (16.6%) and Radio Jambo (16.4%).

In the regional category,Radio Citizen was at the top in Nairobi (45.2),followed by KISS FM(34), Classic FM (33.6%),Milele FM (29.2%) and Kameme FM (20.9%).However, Classic FM was the most listened to station in Nairobi between 5am and 11am.Radio Citizen had the balk of the audience.

In other regions, Royal Media Services radio stations had dominated.In Western region, 72 per cent of those surveyed listened to Radio Citizen.West FM was next in popularity with 54 per cent.The others in the top five were Milele (46.9), KBC(40)and Jambo (35).Radio Citizen was also at the top in Coast and Rift Valley regions.

Among the newspapers,daily Nation was far by the most read publication,with 87 per cent of respondents preferring it.Standard was read by 49 per cent,followed by Taifa Leo(21), the Star(10) and The People(2).
Additional Courtesy of the Sunday Express


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