Statute law (miscellaneous Amendments) Bill as reflection of legislators selfishness


 It is so ironical on how House Speaker Kenneth Marende, his deputy Farah Maalim  and four temporary speakers stand to earn more salary if Parliament enacts to law a new Bill that seeks to revise MP,s allowances at a time the same Parliament has denied IEBC more money to facilitate the forthcoming landmark polls.


The proposed responsibility will also be extended to former House Speaker Francis Ole Kaparo, his then deputy David Musila and former members of the Speaker’s panel if MPs pass the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2012.The Bill whose debate was initiated by Lands minister James Orengo early this week also proposes to amend the National Assembly (Remuneration) Act to include the six top beneficiaries as well as those MPs who hold various positions in the August House.


Under the new proposed amendments ,Mr. Marende will be entitled to a Sh20,000 allowance each time he presides over parliamentary business with MR Farah Maalim pocketing Sh15,000 per session while each of the four temporary speakers will take home Sh12,500 whenever they stand in for the speaker or his deputy.


This is a bite of the taxpayers hand as the allowances are over and above the Sh3.6 million and Sh2.4 million the speaker and the Deputy speaker are entitled to every year as responsibility allowances.


The amendments which were sneaked into the Finance Bill will also see each temporary Speaker be entitled to Sh2.4 million a year in parliamentary responsibity allowance.


This is a form of selfish interests as Parliamentary Service Commission members were handed Sh1.2 million each in parliamentary responsibility allowance for every year and yet they have not been getting the allowances.


I second the Premier’s action of rejecting proposals by MPs to award themselves Sh3.7 million each as gratuity at the end of the current term.


Kenya is currently plunging into disparity with the national economy going down the trench each and every day.


The high rise cost of petroleum products among many other basic commodities have made life unbearable to many citizens and legislators should think critically on how to improve lives of their voters before enacting the Statute law as it will not go down well with members of the public.


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