Dennis Lubanga.


The manner in which Transport minister Amos Kimunya conducted the contentious appointment of Kenya Ports Authority board of directors was unfair, arbitrary and unjust and driven by the desire to control State resources at the expense of other Kenyans.


 It is beyond doubt that  Kimunya was driven by nepotism and malice in filling the vacancies, a move that has even not gone down well with a majority of Coastal leaders who are asking the minister to revoke the appointments.


Kimunya should have considered the fact that, KPA is a national asset, at the Coast region its management is closely monitored as it is the key driver of the local economy.

However, it serves the rest of the country and even the neighboring land-locked countries chieflyUganda,Rwanda,BurundiandSouth Sudanas well.


By Kimunya overlooking the locals, his action is likely to ignite the wrath of the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) group which is out to control the region’s prospects and resources.


A look at the list of board of directors reveals that the coastal region enjoys the lion’s share of the seven selective slots compared to other regions with three members from the appointments of Mr.Cramad Shukri (chairman), Mrs. Khadija Kamar (director) and Mr.Abdalla Fadhil (director).


The other four are Mr. Ian Karanja (director), Mr. Bernard Gaithuma (director) ,Ms Eunice Njeru (director) and Mr. Johnson Musengi (director).

But according to the Kenya Gazette dated April 20, Mr.Kimunya appointed Mr.Gaithuma, Ms.Njeru and Mr.Fadhil to replace Mr. Mohammed Jahazi, Mr.George Waireri and Mr.Komora Jillo respectively.


Kimunya has furthermore gone against the will of the new Constitution because appointing the board in the manner he did is to deny the board independence with an agenda in mind to benefit his self interests and members of his ethnic community who are the majority in the board.


The appointment furthermore violates the national values, morals and principles of governance which demand that public appointees must reflect and bare the face ofKenya.


At this particular juncture, Mr.Kimunya should revoke the appointment of the  KPA board of directors since it does not reflect a regional and national outlook, a matter that could see disunity wreck the ports authority as it is a national asset.


For Kimunya to breath fresh air and avoid being termed as an “ethnical chief” he should revoke the appointments as fast as possible in a bid to win the trust of the public.

Kenyais an independence state that can’t afford to be run by ethnical chiefs.

The writer is a Journalist and Political analyst


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