Mudavadi May Not Be Able To See The Light Of The Day

As momentum continues to gather towards the highly anticipated polls, political leaders across the country have resorted to a mission of wooing their electorates and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi who hails from Western Kenya is no exception.

Mudavadi has so far fallen out with his ODM boss Prime Minister Raila Odinga on what he terms as “political betray”.He has been diver sing the country meeting ODM delegates and scouting for his political bid.

When he met over 18 political leaders from Western Kenya early this week,he was convinced that they would gunner his support only for a cross-section of them to jump on the gun and later convene asking Musalia to stick with Odinga.

Today Mudavadi is expected to meet civic leaders from his home turf in a bid to woo them to support his presidential bid.

The truth of the matter here is that Mudavadi’s dream of being the next tenant of the house on the hill may not see the light of the day because his fast losing grip in his own backyard.

Mudavadi should listen to his own people first before making any decision on his career unless he wants to stay in the political cold for the next five years or so.



  1. Chimaliti Ilyas,J

    Why say Mudavadi won’t see the light of the day!Like a young son or daughter upon reaching maturity part ways with parents to have his or her own home,ones own boss!Mudavadi has indeed reached that age,by the he stands chance to be our next president of Kenya!Ask me why?

  2. hdibogo

    I thought he had consulted with his people,had been in ODM all those years and there was democracy by then. Pliz let him try coz we wanted him to ‘sema’ and amesema, the same people will vote for him.

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